Please ensure you read the following conditions for hiring the Hall and the related Fire Safety Notice which is very important.

Please follow the link to the additional terms and conditions necessitated by the Covid-19 epidemic.

To make sure your required dates are available always submit a booking request via the website or contact the bookings secretary at or telephone 07923 475966

Please direct any enquiries about hire costs to the Bookings Secretary at the above email address or telephone number


  1. IMPORTANT - A booking maybe cancelled if the hall is required at short notice for an Election or similar urgent function.

  2. At no time should Fire exits be blocked or obstructed. Those booking and using the Hall should make sure that they familiarize themselves with the Fire Safety notice and have understood it.

  3. Please ensure that there is NO UNDERAGE drinking in the Hall.

  4. It is EXTREMELY important that all users of the Hall respect local residents regarding noise levels from both the users of the Hall and any hired music. There must be NO music at all after 22:00.

  5. Unless the event is one where participants can ‘bring your own alcohol’ a licence number must be provided before any keys will be handed over. This will include both honesty bars and ‘sales’ using the ‘every-raffle-ticket-wins-a-drink’ system or anything similar.

  6. Under ALL circumstances if there are ANY damages or breakages these will be paid for by the hirer of the Hall.

  7. NO Sellotape or staples are to be used on walls or furnishings. H

  8. When the event has finished could you please ensure the following:. and chairs are stacked

    1. Please stack All tables and chairs as you found them.
    2. The kitchen MUST to be left clean and tidy - All crockery/cutlery used MUST be returned to cupboards and drawers.
    3. Please make sure All party decorations are removed at the end of hire
    4. The Hall should be thoroughly tidied and left as found, including toilets
    5. All lights and heating to be switched off at the end of hire.(Failure to do this may result in addition charge).
    6. Please make certain that all windows and doors are secured at the end of hire
    7. Only soft balls to be used in the hall NO FOOTBALLS
    8. Under no circumstances are fireworks to be discharged in the HALL
    9. No Candles or tealights to be used in the Hall
    10. Please return keys TO THE ISSUING OFFICER.


  • a)The law states that no-one must smoke within five metres of any door or window that opens.
  • b)By signing our printed booking form, the hirer agrees to ensure this smoking policy is adhered to and that any fine imposed upon the Hall by the appropriate authority will be passed onto, and paid by, the appropriate hirer.
  • c)The hirer acknowledges ththt no smoking area is assigned to this hall


It is essential that before making booking request the hirer must read the following fire safety notice

Fire Safety

The person in charge of the function MUSTcheck the location of all fire exits and exit points. AT ALL TIMES these must be free from obstruction

As there is no telephone at the Hall, the hirer must ensuer that a mobile telephone is available if a call to to the fire brigade is required

The hirer MUST be aware of the location of all fire extinguishers and the fire blanket. Please read the operating instructions

The person in charge should be aware of everyone who is attending the function in case of an evacuation.

In Case of Fire

  1. Call the fire brigade immediately. Please note there is no phone installed in the hall.

  2. If possible attack the fiore with the appliances available but ** AT NO TIME** shoul anyone tale personal risks

  3. If it is safe to do so, all electricakl appliances should be switched off and doors and windows closed.

  4. Ensure that everyone leaves the building by the nearest available exit. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANYONE STOP TO COLLECT PERSONAL BELONGINGS

  5. Fire exit doors are located at the front of the main hall, at the side of the small hall and opposite the Gents toilet.

  6. Please ensure that members of your group are designated with the responsibility to ensyre the building is vacated withou taking personal risk and tahat all people at the function are accounted for. The fire assembley p[oint is on the Green besde St. Benedict’s church.

  7. Contact the Booking Secretary, Sue Lane at 18, Oak Road, Glinton, Peterborough PE6 7LD Tel: 07923 475966

1.UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should anyone re-enter the building until informed by a responsible person that it is safe to do so.

General Information


The heating is operated by pushing the blue button on the side of the cupboard at the far end of the main hall. This will give 2 hours of heat after which it can be pressed again for a further 2 hours of heat. Please make sure the thermostats are set correctly


Network: BT Hub5-SH2W Password ace4c9c57c